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Status of Wealth (and the Wealthy) in the world

Let me dazzle you a bit with some stats on the Rich and Famous (largely) across the world. The below comes largely from Cap Gemini’s World Wealth Report of 2012, with stats as of end 2011. High net worth individuals … Continue reading

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How fast should your wealth grow ?…and why ?

Wealth is accumulated regular savings plus returns on these savings if invested well. Regular Savings in turn comes from excess of your monthly income over expenses. Income could be your salary or profit from your business. When you start your … Continue reading

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Financial Awareness – miles to go…

So, there’s a survey that Visa International did recently across 28 countries, gauging the level of financial awareness amongst people in each country. They seem to have interviewed almost 1000 families in each country, a good sample size, and hence … Continue reading

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Wealth in India : a quick slice-n-dice

This article gives a perspective of the wealth of Indian individuals – this excludes by definition, institutional wealth (investments by banks, Govt etc). First of all, what is this animal – “wealth” that we all have been talking about recently … Continue reading

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Financial Planning & prudent Wealth Management (FP/WM) – your duty to your family

Accumulated savings, invested well, result in Wealth. There is Rs 86 lakh crore of wealth with individuals in India (source: Karvy Private Wealth’s India Wealth Report). Because Indian economy has started galloping at a quicker pace only in recent years, … Continue reading

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