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Why and Who ? This blog is an attempt to cover a hopefully wide variety of topics that might be of relevance to a bunch of people loosely associated with the corporate/business world, possibly in the 20-50 yrs bracket. This should cover corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, management students anywhere in the world. There would be a few articles on India-specific issues or on Growing up in India in the 1980s-90s – these would be the ones relevant to a particular geography and to a more specific age group. All others would be relevant to anyone with an Internet access.

The objective of putting these articles in the form of a blog is to develop my own thinking beyond myself, by engaging on these topics with smarter individuals like you. As I turn older and possibly wiser, I think I shall be increasingly writing more for a younger audience who would be in the initial part of their corporate / business careers.

About myself – I have grown up in Mumbai, India and have done whatever was expected from an above-average student in the competitive world of a fast-growing developing country. I went to engineering school at VJTI, Mumbai University and to business school at the IIM, Bangalore. While I have always worked and lived in metro cities of the world – Mumbai, London, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, I have been exposed to sub-metro and even rural life through travels and summer vacations spent in my native village during school days.

When I started this Blog in 2012, I was working as the CEO of Karvy Private Wealth, the wealth management business of Karvy Group. Since 2015, I am working for PropTiger, an online-to-offline integrated real estate advisory company. In 2015, I also published my first book “Return of the Hypotenuse”, a collection of poems and essays on Science and Math – concepts you studied (or not) in school.

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