Why I moved back from Mac Air to Windows Lenovo ?

I am writing this blog article at the risk of being called uncool by majority of the young crowd today, and potentially, not being considered “a fit” by many online tech companies. But I would like to give forth my honest views about the most talked about ultrabook and its associated Operating System, from a normal Business user’s perspective.
When I started with my new assignment at the online company I work for, after twenty years with brick-n-mortar businesses (mobile telephony, Internet investing, Mgt consulting, wealth management), I grabbed the opportunity to take the Mac Air assigned to me (or for which I was “eligible”). I spent 50 days with the Mac Air, and have returned to a Lenovo X250 i7 with Windows 8 and Office 2013 suite. And boy, am I glad!
The list of issues I had with the Mac Air were as follows :
• MS-Office suite is 80% as powerful that on a windows-based system
• MS-Office suite is 80% as powerful that on a windows-based system
• MS-Office suite is 80% as powerful that on a windows-based system (OK, more about this coming below later)
• There is no delete key on the keyboard. The Delete key is…well, a Backspace key
• There is no Page Down and Page Up key on the key board
• There is no “Home” and “End” key
• The Command Key and Control Key confuse the mickeys out of me – don’t know which one works when
• The “right-click” tab on the keyboard is a pain – two fingers ? two fingers ?
• The charger with magnetic latch-on is superb, but when fixed in, crowds out the USB port next to it, and prevents some devices from going into the USB port.

Coming to the MS Office suite features :
• There is no F4 functionality to repeat action (I mean wow!!!). Hence, if I insert a row in Excel once, I have to repeat the steps again – yes, steps…
• There is no F2 in Excel which would take me in the formula and to the right-end of the formula, and I could start editing the formula. When I kept on hitting F2, the screen went on becoming brighter.
• There is no F4 functionality while writing a formula in excel, which puts $ on the formula and fixes it. There is “Command T” of course which simulates the same functionality.
• There is no “paste special” short-cuts through key board. You have to press command and shift and V together, which takes you to the “paste special” window, but there is no short-cut to go to “format”, “formula”, “value”
• If you want to insert a new slide in powerpoint, all the best. There is no Alt Insert “n”
• Alt-Tab is a pain again – works some times, doesn’t work some time
• By chance if you hit Ctrl and up key, all windows seem to go away somewhere
• The Finder instead of the Windows Explorer is not a Finder – it is a Hider. Opening multiple windows is a pain, and copy-pasting files across windows is a night-mare. Collapsing sub-directories under a directory is arduous.
• I also lost some of my emails in Outlook once, but am not sure if it was an Apple issue or an Outlook issue.
• Sob, sob (the crying noises, I mean…not meaning disrespect of the other kind)

Of course, there are many benefits of the Mac Air, but none which would make a serious MS-Office suite person like me move anywhere close to a Mac Air. It has one of the sleekest looking designs and finishes (though, after 50 days, there were some dirt-marks on the exterior which refuse to go). The light weight is a killer benefit. The display is to kill for.
I think the Apple laptop Mac Air and the OS are good devices for people who don’t use MS Office suite extensively, and those who want to show presentations, designs etc. But for those in regular business / corporate life, and who use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, you should avoid it by a wide margin. Some wise people told me that the 2016 version of the OS will address many of these issues. But till you start thinking with the Office-suite user at the centre of your design, I don’t think you are going to get it right!! So, improvement won’t do, a re-engineering is required.

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