Waking up the Malala in us

On the occasion of Malala getting the Nobel Prize for Peace (albeit a year later than deserved), am posting a poem that I had written last year on Malala’s life, for my daughter, Adviti to recite at school…is meant for children, but possibly can be enjoyed by all!!


In the tough region of Swat
Where there was no food or television,
This brave girl started fighting
Asking for Children’s Education.

“How dare you ?” asked the Clergy
And members of Taliban
Girls need to cook, get married
This is the teaching of Quraan.

Not one to give up easy
The girl read the Holy Book
And found respect for women
Not only wash, clean and cook.

The Girl put forth this learnings
To Family, Teachers and Friends
People started understanding
Children following her trends.

The Taiban got furious
To show her what they got
One day as she went to school
They had the poor Girl shot.

Battling for life for days and nights
Millions prayed for her good health
“God, please help this brave Girl
She’s your own – your true wealth”.

She recovered, thanks to the prayers
And addressed the United Nations
And spoke to children of the world
On virtue, love, peace and patience.

She had no ill-will for her shooters
Passed to them her best wishes
Praying that their children too
Learnt well, not cleaning streets & dishes.

This is the great Malala
Who was put to the toughest test
We all have a Malala in us
Let’s wake up, do our best !

The best for the ill and the poor
Wiping away tears of the needy
To make this world a glorious place
I know It has to start with Me !!

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