Why Rahul should become the Prime Minister of India…Rahul Dravid

The thought started off with the newspaper report on Sachin Tendulkar’s polite refusal of the Congress Party’s invite to him for campaigning for the Madhya Pradesh elections. This reminded me of the time when Amitabh Bachchan’s star value was sought to be tapped during the 1984 elections. And of my subsequent conclusion that stars from other fields who have no experience or more importantly, temperament, should not try their hands at politics just because they are famous – it is an easy observation that some political party is trying to cash in on this fame of theirs. Having said this, there have been enough and more instances of this having happened – Ronald Reagan, MGR, NTR, Jayalalitha, and in sports, Pele among the more famous ones. (Not counting Imran Khan, Navjyot Siddhu, Marat Safin who have just about only stepped into politics). Some of them have been successful too, but that is more because they have had the temperament and gritty attitude to understand the new field (politics) and the will-power to persist as equations become clearer after a few years.

Well, put the words “temperament, gritty, attitude, persistence” together, and viola – the image of Rahul Dravid comes to mind! Possibly, that of Sachin and Hrithik Roshan as well. But for some reason, I see both the latter celebrities too focused on their art – cricket and movies respectively, to be able to do too much beyond that. Let me put forth a few more points on why Rahul Dravid should be the PM of India.

  • Honest to the core – none of the various allegations of match-fixing etc have ever been mentioned in the same breath as Rahul’s name. It’s a no-brainer that India needs an honest leader.
  • A Team Person – whether a captain or a team member, Dravid always contributed to the team’s larger cause. Most important for the PM of India today – the way the current PM has been unable to show a team display of intent (PC vs Pranob, Jairam vs others), and the way the prospective candidate from NDA is not really known for taking people along, it will be very tough for either of them to make any big change for the country. It is a well-researched fact, at least in corporate life that as business/governance is getting more complex and multi-variable driven, carrying the team along is a necessity.
  • Leading from the front – which Top 5 batsman-captain in the world drops himself to No. 8 when few overs are remaining and some mindless hitting is required ? Dravid has the amazing penchant for putting the team’s cause above his own. Even at the cost of slipping away from the score-board and from the individual records-book.
  • Humility – We saw this when he used to share credit for success with all his team members. He never put himself ahead of Sachin and Saurav while speaking with the media. His humility was also borne out from playing under Kumble as a captain (as under Sachin and Saurav and Dhoni too).
  • Middle-class, educated background : Well, I don’t want to come out as biased here, but I personally think that this is an asset – to understand what makes the huge middle-class tick, use technology and social media well. And most importantly, education brings the power of thinking and the power of accepting change – something which are a must for a growth as an individual.

While current leaders of political alliances bring their strengths to the table, I think what is needed for the India of today is a unique leader with ALL the above qualities to lead India out of the mess we are in, and into an era of success.

(I think Priyanka Chopra is also a great Role Model for such a leadership role – intelligent, modest, hard-working, meticulous, understands youth. But what am I doing ? Rahul, Priyanka ? I think I should stop now, before I become frivolous from my current state of being only naive & ideal :) ).

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