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Revolutionising education through technology

Am seeing many articles across journals touting the current era being the most revolutionary era in heralding a new way of education. The Economist carries an article which refers to the excitement generated in the potential to change education over … Continue reading

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Only people with net-worth of >Rs 100 Cr should be allowed to become politicians or bureaucrats in India

There are a few discussions going on in the social media space on encouraging a minimum educational qualification for becoming an Indian politician or civil services bureaucrat. The proponents of this proposal feel that educated people will be more honest … Continue reading

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The World’s 25 smartest Indians – a quick analysis

I picked up the latest edition of Outlook magazine at Mumbai airport on my way to Ahmedabad, with the cover story reading “The world’s 25 smartest Indians” – too tempting to resist. Am writing this blog piece on my flight … Continue reading

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Why growing at 6%pa is disastrous for India ?

My scientist father (and of late, my 10-year old daughter) keep on quizzing me on business and economics with the (dangerous) curiosity of laypersons, and many times the issues are out-of-box and hence uncomfortable. One of the points of discussion … Continue reading

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