Buying a great car for 10 lakhs

After lot of research on “fully loaded” cars, I have come to a strong but humbling conclusion that if one is living in Indian metro cities, then there are very few cars which meet all core requirements of a car-owner…even if you are ready to spend 20 lakhs! The Honda Accord and Skoda Superb come close to satisfying quite a few. But then they are Rs 24/22 lakhs respectively…and too big to be seriously driven in metro cities.

I am listing down my “dream configuration” for a metro-city car, which is to be SELF-DRIVEN :

  • Small enough to park without problem and easy manoeuvrability
  • Good mileage (All 20lakh+ cars ruled out – 5-6 kmpl is atrocious; not only because we cannot afford it, but it also is a waste of fuel, a precious & globally limited resource)
  • Six air bags (Camry at Rs 28 lacs has 2 airbags – criminal !!!)
  • Remote control for audio system (Toyota biggies  – excluded)
  • Decent leg room (most of the current hatchbacks eliminated)
  • Boot space for one big suitcase (some more hatchbacks eliminated)
  • 1500CC plus
  • Sun-roof
  • Sexy look
  • Should give a feeling of value for money (all 25-35 lakhs range cars ruled out here – Passat, Camry, BMW3 (less space), Audi A4 (less space), Merc C Class (less space)).
  • Leather seat covers, wooden (looking) dashboard
  • Digital control / panel for ACs (Honda City ruled out)
  • Less than Rs 10 lakhs !!

In the next blog piece (possibly April 2013), am going to evaluate a few cars and let you know if any of them satisfy all of the above. My “suspect” list is Hyundai Verna (looks), Elantra (looks), Skoda Fabia (small but powerful), Yeti, Ford Figo, Mahindra Verito (amazing leg space), Honda City, SX4.

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