Iphone 5 review by an Indian (non-tech) corporate denizen

I have moved from BB Bold to Iphone 5, a month back. Trying here to help future buyers.

Some negatives :

  1. Battery sucks – a disaster. Charged 100% at 8am and is over by 4pm. If you are in sales and you make many calls, then, best of luck.
  2. Spare charger costs Rs 3210 for original Apple Lightning charger. Chinese USB cord costs Rs 999; to be used with plug/USB combo (about Rs 300) – recommended Rs 1299 to be spent.
  3. Cannot forward SMS as email – horror for BB users. I receive SMSs from people who I want to action out from team members, by forwarding as email. Not possible here.
  4. For first-time touch phone users, it will take 10 days of typing to get used to. One keeps on hitting the backspace button for “m” and you know the result.
  5. Interface through iTunes…copy-pasting music and photo files through Windows Explorer on BB was so easy.
  6. Rs 52,500 (for 32GB one) !!!!


Positives :

  1. Awesomest user-interface. Every command is in the most logical place and if one uses common sense, one can get most things done.
  2. Handling of inboxes of multiple email accounts is cool. This feature was there in BB also, but very convenient in Iphone.
  3. The tile-menu is excellent and makes the machine like a small iPad.
  4. You can stop carrying a separate digital camera (for 90% of us)
  5. Browsing Twitter is a superb experience. No more postponing reading longer article links coming in Tweets. This itself has improved quality of life by 10-20% J.
  6. Facebook and Linkedin experience is also great.
  7. Googling is a pleasure.

 Have got a set of actions from some user group website for enhancing the battery life :

  • Turn down screen brightness
  • Turn off bluetooth
  • Turn off wifi if not currently connecting
  • Turn off iCloud Backup
  • Turn off Notifications
  • Turn of Location Services
  • Switch Mail to Manual Retrieval
  • Eliminate every app running in the background.

So, all in all, iPhone 5 is the BMW 3 series of phones – expensive, a superb machine, but not enough space for three people to sit comfortably in the back-seat. If you want a superb user interface, want to do some serious work on social networking sites and think that this is worth the price, go for it…I am feeling good about the change. Rs 53,799 down, but not out :) .

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