My first fiction novel…in ten years !

So, after reading about 500 fiction novels before I turned 30, I realised shockingly that I have almost not read a single in the last decade ! At some point of time, I switched to buying non-fiction (and also reading some of them), the switch though not coming by design.

So, reading “The Incredible Banker” by Ravi Subramanian (at a trot) today was an interesting experience for me.

I started off with a feeling of guilt of wasting time reading the fiction book – there was some feeling at the back of the mind that I had something more important to do. Was I supposed to use this peaceful Sunday to think of some business strategy-related stuff for work ? Or should I be taking the kid out for a stroll in the colony ?

100 pages into the book, I found myself looking for learnings which I could apply in my job. I had a burning desire to summarise the last 100 pages into bullet points and extract some implementable knowledge.

The stress was building up on me to justify my time spent, even as the story unwound beautifully in 2-3 parallel strands. It was at that time that I decided enough was enough, and that I should let my hair down and start enjoying the story. After all, some one has said that “if you are enjoying wasting your time, then you are not wasting your time”. After that, I thoroughly enjoyed the rest 200 pages and read few pages in the lift as I was going down and a few chapters while waiting in the parked car, having taken the wife and kid out for an errand.

Of course, having earlier read 500 such stories play out, I had guessed the “twist in the tale” almost 60% into the story. Still, the description of corporate life, especially foreign banking environment was pulled off superbly by the author.

Guess, with reading this novel, I might have unshackled myself from a Pavlovian behaviour of looking for purpose and “applicability” in everything I do…hopefully, this is a new start :)

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