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Status of Wealth (and the Wealthy) in the world

Let me dazzle you a bit with some stats on the Rich and Famous (largely) across the world. The below comes largely from Cap Gemini’s World Wealth Report of 2012, with stats as of end 2011. High net worth individuals … Continue reading

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The advertising industry – some disparate stats..and emergence of Online !!

So, when the dotcom boom of 1998-99 was going on, there were Indian dotcom business models based on advertising revenues, copied from US dotcom models. That the US had a 100bn$ advertising revenue and India had 1bn$ at that time … Continue reading

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My first fiction novel…in ten years !

So, after reading about 500 fiction novels before I turned 30, I realised shockingly that I have almost not read a single in the last decade ! At some point of time, I switched to buying non-fiction (and also reading … Continue reading

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The Olympic S-curve…and a few other S-Curves

There’s an interesting article in a magazine I read that the human body has reached its maximum in all the sporting events, and world records will not be broken as much as they were in the past 50 years. Usain … Continue reading

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How fast should your wealth grow ?…and why ?

Wealth is accumulated regular savings plus returns on these savings if invested well. Regular Savings in turn comes from excess of your monthly income over expenses. Income could be your salary or profit from your business. When you start your … Continue reading

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