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Managing…and behaving…in “turbulent” times

Cliched but true – we are living in turbulent times (2012). Turbulence caused by the slowdown of the economy – global and Indian, sluggish capital markets – global and Indian, tense inflationary situation and falling Indian currency ! This impacts … Continue reading

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Building Organizational knowledge in a high-attrition people business

Running a people-intensive services business is like being on a treadmill. Trapping organizational knowledge is a tough task…with people moving around. Managers in IT, ITES, Retail Financial Services sales, Retail frontline staff should compare notes on this. So, you hire … Continue reading

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Who was Edwin Aldrin ?

History is very unforgiving to the silver medalists. Everyone likes to remember the hero. The one ending up second or third might have worked as hard, or might have just lost the race by a whisker. But tough news pal, … Continue reading

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