Some statistical queries…

I would love to get answers to some statistical queries which have plagued me from my childhood, but guess I have been too lazy to get answers to so far. Am making my list of favourite statistical queries here. Shall be grateful for answers to these, or additional queries in these genres :

1. What is the distribution of runs scored on each of the six balls in an over in cricket ? All runs scored in the history of cricket spread in 6 groups ? – scored off the first balls of all overs, off second balls and so on. Does each veer towards 16.67% ? I think not…
• Has the above distribution changed over decades ?
• Is the above distribution different for test matches, one-day matches, 20-20 games ?
• Is the above distribution different for fast bowlers and spinners ?
• For left-handed and right-handed bowlers ?
• For right-handed and left-handed batsmen ?
• By country ? By country playing against ?
• By the five days of a test match ?
• By pre-lunch session, pre-tea session, final session of a test match ?
• By teams batting first versus second ?

2. Average height of all buildings in each city. In number of storeys, or metres. Hence, the Avg Building Height Index for each city.

3. Average number of hours per day spent by an average adult watching cookery programs. Versus hours spent in cooking.

4. Screen Time – Average hours spent by children in front of a TV ? in front of a PC/laptop ? Ipad ?

5. Screen time for children as above by city of India ? By weekday and weekend ? By age slabs (3-5 yrs, 6-8, 9-12,12-15,15-18,18-21) ?

6. Population breakdown of metros and mini-metros of India by gender, monthly household income, by religion, Hindus by key castes

7. Distribution of cars >Rs 20 lacs price across cities of India; then for cars in 10-20 lacs slab.

8. %age of people speaking acceptable English across cities of India

9. %age of absenteeism on each of the 5 days of a working week. I think Monday will be more than 20%.

10. Swimming pools per capita in each country; Schools, hospitals, doctors, teachers per capita

11. Number of sarees sold in 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s – in urban and rural areas. Also, for sarees as a %age of the woman population. Has this fallen ?

12. Golf club members and active members

13. The list will continue…

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